Russia Begins ‘Glorious Tradition’ Of Kindergarten Military Parades

Nothing perverse about indoctrinating pre-schoolers like this at all. Nope.

Source: Meduza

In Yeysk, a town in Russia’s Krasnodar region, local children participated in a “kindergarten military parade.” According to Yeysk’s regional governor, Roman Bublik, the event was called “We are the great-grandchildren of the great victors.”

The independent outlet 7×7 reported that the parade occurred at a local stadium, where parents watched from the stands. According to Bublik’s Telegram channel, preparation for the parade took one month, as the children learned to march and the parents sewed the children’s uniforms. Each kindergarten chose specific types of troops to represent in the parade.

“Our children’s parade took place for the first time this year. We are very pleased and proud that this glorious tradition has begun in Yeysk. I’m confident that we’ll hold this parade annually,” reported Bublik.

“Great-grandchildren of the great victors” I suppose is more uplifting than rapists, murderers of women and children, and stealers of washing machines.

Russia Begins ‘Glorious Tradition’ Of Kindergarten Military Parades

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