Ro Khanna Shoots Down IRS Whistlebower

Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna shot down an IRS whistleblower on ABC’s This Week, because the actual U.S. attorney in charge of the Hunter Biden investigation did not validate his claims.

Guest host Jonathan Karl discussed House Republicans’ lies that the investigation into Hunter Biden was compromised by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

“The whistleblower is saying is that Weiss was appointed by Trump said that he was not the deciding official on this case. If that turns out to be true, doesn’t that directly contradict what the Attorney General has said?” Karl asked.

“But Weiss is not saying that. Isn’t this the source Weiss? I mean, if Weiss was saying that I would have a concern,” Rep. Khanna said. “If Weiss was out there saying, I didn’t have total authority, there was interference. But Weiss — Weiss is the key person and he’s not saying that and – there were charges that were pursued.”

Karl ended the segment there.

Khanna is correct.

In fact, the Trump-appointed U.S. attorney in Delaware David Weiss pushed back against these allegations by sending a letter to House Republicans.

Weiss has never confirmed Gary Shapley’s claims that the IRS whistleblower claimed Weiss told him that prosecutors in Delaware were prevented from bringing charges in other jurisdictions — including California and Washington, D.C.

Karoli adds: As someone who worked closely with IRS employees for nearly 40 years, I will attest to the fact that the majority of them are decent, hardworking, earnest people. But there are always a few who are zealots. They believe that every single bad deduction should send that taxpayer to jail. In fact, it’s worth remembering two things about the so-called Hunter Biden investigation. First, he reported all his income. THAT is the thing that will send someone to jail fast. A failure to report income is generally a one-way ticket to the clink. Second, he corrected his tax returns and paid the taxes. Long ago. That is the goal of every IRS agent — to collect the taxes. It sounds to me like Mr. Shapley is a zealot.

Ro Khanna Shoots Down IRS Whistlebower

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