Rick Scott: We Need To Be Sure That We Can Have ‘More Abortions’

While participating in an interview on Fox News, Republican Florida Sen. Rick Scott explained that he’s “pro-life” but added that we have to do everything we can to have “more abortions.” I shit you not.

“First off, I’m pro-life,” Scott said. “I believe that we’ve got to do everything we can to make sure we have more abortions.”

“We make sure it’s…it’s a tough choice for women,” he added.

That’s our choice, Senator, and we don’t need you to make our personal decisions for us, thankyouverymuch.

Scott was trying to defend his views after he read the results of a new Fox News poll showing massive support for stricter gun regulations and that most Americans favor abortion.

After Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney showed the poll to Scott about guns, the Florida Republican’s answer to the gun violence crisis was more guns, as John Amato noted.

“I put a bill out this week. It’s the Guardian School Act. It’s to do what I did in Florida, put armed guards in all of our schools,” he said.

“Do you think that would be popular, Senator?” Varney asked. “People with guns in schools, more people, more guns in schools.”

You can’t be pro-life while doing nothing about kids being slaughtered in their schools.

Rick Scott: We Need To Be Sure That We Can Have ‘More Abortions’

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