Republicans Still Obsessed With Michelle Obama

Dick Morris and Peter Navarro shared a microphone on Bannon’s War Room podcast and discussed their fetishes regarding the former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama.

And yes, it’s as gross as you might expect.

Republicans must be very afraid of President Biden’s chances of being reelected because they are always trying to replace him on the 2024 ticket.

This time, it is Michelle Obama they hope will run? Really.

So, I believe that the Democratic nomination will be open. And the first question is, will Michelle run?

And if she were to, she would win the nomination in a heartbeat, and Biden would have to pull out.

But being a black candidate for president in 2024 is a lot harder than it was in 2008 or 2012, because then you had only to deal with the issue of ethnicity and latent bigotry.

Now you have to deal with reparations, critical race theory, quotas for people of color, and anti-white quotas.

Morris launched into this diatribe about how Michelle Obama is destined to lose because she would be forced to discuss issues of race.

Morris excludes the GOP base, which is made of racist Christian nationalists. These negatives are all about the MAGA base. The negatives he puts forth only apply to right-wingers in each particular ethnic category.

Michelle Obama’s universal popularity always terrifies right-wing operatives like Dick and Peter. And while she would be a formidable candidate, she’s shown absolutely no interest in running for office. Her books are international best sellers.

This is mere fantasy football on the Steve Bannon podcast.

Republicans Still Obsessed With Michelle Obama

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