Republican Senator Lies, Film At 11

Showing how desperate the GOP is to pull their butts out of the fire on the ceiling debt crisis, they sent out Senator Ron Johnson (Q-Moscow) to obfuscate the facts, including falsely claiming that “none of us ever voted to increase in the debt ceiling.”

Perhaps RoJo is doing like the rest of America and suppressing all memories of the time during TFG’s administration. Or maybe he’s just suppressing the memory of all the evidence there is regarding his wrongdoing during that time. Or he’s just fishing for plausible deniability.

Whatever is going on in RoJo’s dementia-laden brain, the fact is that the GOP happily raised the debt ceiling three times during the Trump years. They did it in in 2017 to clear the way to blow up the national debt by passing the passing the notorious tax scam. They did it again in 2019, because the tax scam was doing more damage than they expected. It was also in 2019 that the GOP did add actual fiscal controls on the increase. The catch being that said “fiscal controls” didn’t kick in until 2027, which gave lots of time for it to be renegotiated. And because of that, they were back against the ceiling in 2021.

Needless to say, RoJo would get a pants on fire in any fact checking source.

But since when was RoJo known for being honest with the people?

Republican Senator Lies, Film At 11

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