Republican Lawmaker Blames Train Derailments On ‘Diversity’

Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, have used recent train derailments as a political football. Georgia Republican Rep. Mike Collins has a bizarre take on why there are so many train derailments, and I’m only surprised that he didn’t blame drag queens or Critical Race Theory.

Collins blamed multiple derailments that involved Norfolk Southern trains on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies.

“After seeing another Norfolk Southern train derailed this weekend, I was reminded of the fact that the company wrote to shareholders stating it is focused on DEI,” he said. “This administration’s focus on DEI is forcing private companies to rethink their goals and one has to wonder, was Norfolk Southern’s DEI policies directing resources away from the important things like greasing wheel bearings? This insanity must stop.”

Wrong; the flow of stupidity from Republicans “must stop.” Train derailments have been happening since the 1800s. Derailments didn’t just start occurring under the Biden administration. Collins is an idiot. Instead of forming a committee to find a solution so there will be fewer train derailments, he’s blaming inclusion.

A Republican has now stepped forward on the House floor to blame derailments on diversity. Incredible.

Republican Lawmaker Blames Train Derailments On ‘Diversity’

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