Rastah becomes first Pakistani brand to feature at London Fashion Week

KARACHI: The past year has been full of firsts for Pakistanis. From the Grammys to Cannes, our songs and movies have made waves around the world and we have finally gotten recognition on an international level. And it seems as though the sky is the limit for Pakistan. This time, it’s our fashion industry stealing the spotlight. Streetwear label Rastah will be the first Pakistani brand to showcase their line at the London Fashion Week.

As per the schedule put up by London Fashion Week, Rastah has been listed on the lineup for the 17th of February where they will be showcasing their SS23 Collection Showcase, Evening Event, Menswear & Womenswear. The brand will also be a part of a pop-up which will be open for public viewing.

“It’s taken a lot of planning,” says Zain Ahmed, creative director at Rastah revealed in an interview with Dawn Images. “We worked for a long time on creating the kind of collection that would be the right pitch for LFW.” As far as the brands vision is concerned, he explained, “It is important for us to set Rastah apart as a Pakistani brand which functions outside of the enclosed echo-chamber that encompasses Pakistani fashion. There are many brands within Pakistan that are happy with the profits that they are earning from the local market. The world, however, is changing. Fashion has become globalized and if brands don’t think beyond immediate gains, eventually they will end up in hot water.”

While showcasing at London Fashion Week will be a first for Rastah, this won’t be the first time their brand has gotten international recognition. Oscar winner Riz Ahmed is known to be a fan of the brand while Anil Kapoor and his son have also sported Rastah jackets in the recent past. The brand even featured in Ms. Marvel!

Rastah becomes first Pakistani brand to feature at London Fashion Week

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