Rapper Rakim [2021 Update] Age, Wife, Kids, Net Worth

William Michael Griffin, famously known for his stage name Rakim was born on January 28, 1968.

Rakim is listed as worlds one of the most influential and greatest in the hip-hop community.

His union with Eric. B helped him have some super hit albums and a great career ahead.

Here’s more about his life.

Rakim Quick Facts

Birthday: January 28, 1968

Birthplace: Queens, New York

Age: 54 years old

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 6 feet 1 inches

Relationship status: Married

Wife: Felicia        

Children: Destiny Griffin, Jabar Griffin, and Tahmell Griffin.   

Weight: 74 kg

Net worth: $2.5 million

Rakim Age, Family, Background

Rakim was born on January 28, 1968, in Queens, New York. He is currently 54 years old.

The 54-year-old rapper’s birth name is William Michael Griffin Jr.

Eventually, he set a different stage name for himself and established himself as ‘Rakim.’

His father’s name is William Griffin and his mother’s name is Cynthia Griffin.

The rapper grew up with two older brothers, Ron and Steve.

They both kept a keen interest in musical instruments.

Additionally, he is the nephew of Ruth Brown who is a well-known actress and R&B singer.

After Rakim’s elder brother died, Rakim got a reality check in his life.

At that time, his brother was fully supporting the family. After his death, family responsibilities came upon young Griffin.

That was when this young man got his passion seriously and made a great career out of it.

He completed his schooling at Wyandanch high school.

When it came to music, his family always remained very supportive as well.

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Rakim Married Life, Wife, Kids

Yes! Rakim is a married man.

Rakim is married to his childhood lover, Felicia.  

The duo met in their childhood days and studied school together.

Later, they started dating and had an on-and-off relationship until they decided to get married.

In between, the on and off dating phase, the rapper went ahead and began seeing another woman named, Nicole smith.

The duo has a son together, but neither did they engaged nor married.

However, the relationship was short-lived and the duo parted ways.

After his failed relationship with Nicole, he went back to his childhood lover Felicia.

Fast forward to 2021 the couple are happily married has share 3 children together, Destiny Griffin, Jabar Griffin, and Tahmell Griffin.

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Child Support Issue

Like I mentioned Rakim has a total of 4 kids, one with his former partner, Nicole smith.

Rakim faced allegations about not being able to pay child support and was even arrested for it.

But you know what’s more shocking? He had no idea that he had a son, crazy, isn’t he?

He says, he was falsely arrested for the child support case.

Moreover, the rapper claimed only after his first arrest did he know he had a son with Nicole, his former girlfriend.

On the other hand, his former girlfriend claimed that she told him about her pregnancy.

Nicole Smith also said that she contacted Rakim when their son was one and half years old but the rapper ghosted her.

“I let him know I was pregnant seven-to-eight months after I got with him. He ignored my phone calls, [so] I took him to court a year-and-a-half after my son was born. Right now, he’s trying to play me.”

Smith further said,

“He’s trying to make it seem like he pays his child support. He pays when he wants to pay. He doesn’t pay for eight, nine months at a time, then he sends a lump sum.”

Again in 2004, the rapper again received a warrant for that same matter.

He allegedly failed to pay $25,000 as child support even though he was contactless with his son for 5 years.

Felicia always stood by his side and helped him get through it.

Fortunately, this issue never made a wrong impact on their marriage.

Even now the couple is enjoying their marital bliss along with their parenthood.

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Rakim Career, Net Worth:

Rakim is an American rapper who is named as worlds one of the most influential and greatest MCs in the hip hop community.

He is famous for his exceptional flow.

Rakim was very keen to sing and write music since he was a youngster.

While in high school Rakim involved himself in several bands.

His career started and boomed when he met New York-based producer Eric. B.

The duo was called Eric B and Rakim. They released many classical albums in partnership from 1987-1992.

Similarly, he released a solo album called, ‘The 18th Letter.’

This album was one of his greatest solo successes. It is listed in 4th number in billboard 200 lists.

In 1999 he released another hit single named, ‘When I B on The Mic.’

The rapper bagged a lot of achievements even in his solo career.

With his career as a rapper and his worldwide recognition as one of the greatest rappers, he has been able to accumulate a net worth of $2.5 million as of 2021.

Rakim earns more than $500K per album if it is a super hit.

Rapper Rakim Age

Rakim is 54 years old today. He was born on January 28, 1968, in Queens, New York.

Rapper Rakim Wife

Rakim is married to his high school girlfriend-turned-wife Felicia.

Rapper Rakim and Felicia’s Kids

Rakim and Felicia have three kids together. Destiny Griffin, Jabar Griffin, and Tahmell Griffin. Allegedly, Rakim also has a son with former partner Nicole Smith.

Rapper Rakim’s Net Worth

The American rapper Rakim currently has a net worth of $2.5 million in 2021.

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Rapper Rakim [2021 Update] Age, Wife, Kids, Net Worth

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