Randy Morris arrested after alleged escape

Randy Morris (center) fled from a prison transport van, authorities said. That’s him in the two lefthand images, outlet WBAL said. Photographer Mac Finney (top right) and reporter Kate Amara (bottom right) had spotted him. (Mugshot of Morris: Howard County Police Department; screenshots via WBAL)

Maryland authorities arrested a man they say escaped from a prison transport van, and a local news crew says they spotted him while doing a story on him.

“This has never happened to me in 40-some years of covering thousands of news stories,” WBAL photographer Mac Finney told the outlet.

Officers were searching for Randy Morris, 38, who had been serving a 10-year prison sentence for burglary. He reportedly had broken into his next-door neighbor’s home, stole electronics, and tried to sell the ill-gotten goods online. His criminal record includes domestic violence and resisting arrest.

The Howard County Police Department said Wednesday that he fled a transport van with four other inmates in the area of Dorsey Run Road and Maryland Route 32. Unhandcuffed or otherwise shackled, he fled out of a transport van when it stopped in traffic on Route 52, authorities said.

Randy Morris arrested after alleged escape

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