Quamina MP Spills Out The Beans (See Details+VIDEO)

Afrobeat and Hip-Pop Ghanaian singer, Quamina MP, has caused a stir in the entertainment industry after he publicly revealed that he has a grown-up son that Ghanaians were not aware of.

This revelation came to light during an interview with the host of United Showbiz, MzGee, where she asked if celebrities have a private life.

Quamina MP responded by saying that celebrities do have a private life, which is why he has been able to keep his son away from the public eye.

He explained that only a few people know about his son, and he is comfortable sharing this information with the public.

The singer further stated that celebrities can have a private life if they want to, and it is up to them to decide how much of their personal lives they want to share with the public.

This news has generated a lot of reactions from Ghanaians on social media, with many commending Quamina MP for keeping his personal life private while others expressed surprise and shock about the revelation.

Quamina MP son

Quamina MP is known for his hit songs like “Amanfuor Girls,” “Wiase Y3 D3,” and “Baba.”

He has won several awards in the music industry and continues to be one of the most sought-after musicians in Ghana.

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Quamina MP Spills Out The Beans (See Details+VIDEO)

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