Please Donate To C&L’s 2023 Spring Fundraiser

Right-wing religious zealots that populate the Republican Party and throughout the country still get more airplay and newsprint than anybody else in this country?

Why is that?

Everywhere you turn online there’s a Steve Bannon sedition podcast. There are tons of Christian nationalist podcasters like Stew Peters and nuts like Matt Walsh and Steven Crowder.

For one thing, wealthy Democrats do not fund or throw their support behind independent journalism. If a social media company changes their algorithm, it usually benefits the right.

On the flip side, there’s a multitude of right-wing billionaires funding every and any wingnut cause. The Federalist Society, Moms For Liberty, hate the gays, we’ll fund you. You name it, they get supported.

Even though C&L (which started the video trend online) has been telling the truth, exposing lies and right-wing malfeasance going on 19 years, the only support we receive is from our readers.

Please, if you can, donate to PayPal or through Kindest.

We are asking for $25 and above, but every dollar counts.

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Please Donate To C&L’s 2023 Spring Fundraiser

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