PlayStation Store spotlights accessibility options in PS5 games

The PlayStation Store is starting “Accessibility Tags” on its PlayStation 5 titles this week, Sony said on Monday. The tags highlight options for players that enable visual and audio accessibility, online communication, and other options.

Players can inspect a title’s accessibility options by pressing the triangle button on the game’s product page. Sony said there are more than 50 different tags describing accessibility features, divided into six categories:

  • Visual (text options, color alternatives and directional audio indicators)
  • Audio (screen reading, visual cue alternatives and volume control)
  • Subtitles (subtitle size and caption overlay opacity or transparency)
  • Controls (play without holding down or pressing buttons repeatedly; remapping controller)
  • Gameplay (difficulty, simplified quick timer events, or puzzle solution settings)
  • Online communication (text or voice chat transcription)

Sony said several of its first-party games for PS5 will support these accessibility tags when the feature rolls out later this week. Those include Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, God of War Ragnarok, Gran Turismo 7and both Miracle‘s Spider-Man Remastered And Marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales.

The PlayStation Store’s accessibility settings reflect a similar reach in the Microsoft Store listings for Xbox Series X, where games with accessibility options are highlighted for players interested in purchasing or downloading them.

PlayStation Store spotlights accessibility options in PS5 games

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