Parents offer reward for arrest

Megan Drumhiller (left) and (right) the home where she died (Images via family; ABC 12 screengrab)

A 31-year-old Michigan woman found dead in her home nearly 18 months ago, but there have been little to no real developments in the investigation since. That’s according to Megan Lynne Drumhiller’s mom and dad, who spoke sternly and directly at a press conference Thursday alongside the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office, which confirmed the suspicious homicide is being investigated as such.

Lynette and Tim Drumhiller of St. Charles said Thursday outside the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office that they “know this is a homicide” and “know someone is still free.” Megan’s asphyxiation death was reported to be the result of strangulation.

Megan Drumhiller was found dead in her Carrollton Township home on Ridgeland Drive back in Jan. 28, 2022, after her worried family members called for a well-being check.

From that point on, the parents said, basic investigatory actions were not taken even though local and state cops investigated the case as a homicide from the start.

Parents offer reward for arrest

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