PA Gov: Are We Really Going To Accept That This Is Normal?

Joe Scarborough talked about gun violence with PA Gov. Josh Shapiro.

“The solutions — I mean, they’re not easy but they’re not as hard as some Republicans try to make them out to be. What do we need to do as a nation to heal this land and to make sure that our children can go to school and be safe and that people can go to work in the morning, not fearing they won’t get home at night?” he said.

Shapiro talked about Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear losing friends in the Louisville shooting.

“That pain you heard in his voice is real, genuine and it is a pain whether you are a governor or a citizen of his commonwealth or mine, you feel every day, every single day.

“I think before we get into the policy prescriptions we all have to say as Americans, it doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to accept this. This is not normal and we have to come together and stop making pitiful excuses for inaction and get something done. Stop saying that this one bill wouldn’t have stopped this particular situation. We need to take a number of steps from making sure we have universal background checks.

“Hell, we should agree criminals shouldn’t get the hands on guns. Why is that so damn hard to come together around?”

He said we can’t ignore the underlying drivers of shootings, like mental health, poverty, and lack of oppportunity.

But, he said, “Let’s get the heads around the fact that it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s the test of this nation. Are we really going to accept that this is normal? That this is the way it’s just going to be, or are we going to actiually use the strength to rise up and save the babies, as Andy said, these children of God, it doesn’t have to be this way.”

PA Gov: Are We Really Going To Accept That This Is Normal?

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