Opinion: Dianne Feinstein Must Resign For The Good Of The Country

As a California constituent, I’m more and more frustrated about the fact that we have one Senator and one Senator only. Wyoming has more representation in the Senate than California does while Senator Feinstein recovers from shingles (at least, that’s the official story).

I was willing to be patient, but the recent announcement that Senator Dianne Feinstein might not return to Washington, D.C. for the duration of her Senate term (something she cannot do), and then the more recent announcement that she was willing to “temporarily step away from the Senate Judiciary Committee” has me in orbit.

Under Senate rules, a tie on the Judiciary Committee is a loss for Democrats, so her presence and vote on that committee is essential for the entire nation. Judicial appointments are backing up because without Feinstein, Schumer doesn’t have the votes. And putting a temporary replacement on that committee requires at least 10 Republican votes.

Do you REALLY think Republicans are going to approve that? Of course they’re not. And of course, they aren’t, as The Washington Post reports.

According to the Post, Republicans across the spectrum from far right to less far right are opposing any “temporary” appointment to the committee as unprecedented and a way to “to appease those pushing for radical, activist judges,” according to Senator Thom Tillis. (Projection much, Senator?)

Senator Feinstein, as your constituent I’m calling for you to retire. Today. Not tomorrow, not when your shingles are better, but today. The fate of this country rests on balancing the radical right judges Trump installed with some reasonable ones who respect the rule of law. And let’s be honest here. You are 89 years old, and flights across the country are taxing and difficult. There are questions about your mental acuity which may or may not be fair, but as a Californian, I am entitled to representation by both Senators in my state.

I’ve heard all the arguments about how I didn’t push for John Fetterman to resign. Or Mitch McConnell. Neither of them are my Senator, but both are present in the Senate now. Senator Feinstein is unable to be, for health reasons. People retire and resign for health reasons all the time, and they do it with dignity. There is no shame in a resignation due to health limitations.

The honorable choice for the longest-serving woman in the Senate who has had a long and storied career is to retire and allow someone else to represent California in the Senate. And yes, I realize it puts Governor Newsom in a pickle, but he’s paid the big bucks to figure that part out. The bottom line here is that one of the biggest states in the country is owed full representation.

So resign, retire, whatever you want to call it. Do it knowing your constituents will have more respect for that decision, not less. Because that would be how you put the welfare of this country – and California – ahead of your own desires.

Opinion: Dianne Feinstein Must Resign For The Good Of The Country

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