OnePlus 12 Review: A Strong Contender for Smartphone of the Year

OnePlus 12 Review: A Strong Contender for Smartphone of the Year


In the midst of the annual Samsung new cycle, the newly announced OnePlus 12 is making waves and deserves attention. Could this mid-January 2024 release be a contender for the top three smartphones of the year? Let’s delve into the details.

OnePlus 12 Review: A Strong Contender for Smartphone of the Year

Unboxing Experience: Setting the Stage

The OnePlus 12 arrives in a package that signals attention to detail. The inclusion of a 100W charging brick and a pre-applied screen protector adds value. Despite a slightly bulky box filled with booklets, the $799 price tag sets the stage for a promising device.

Design: Confidence and Comfort

The design of the OnePlus 12 exudes confidence. The chrome rail on the sides, matte marble texture, and glossy marble on the cameras give it a premium feel. While not the prettiest from the front, its rounded, comfortable build and Aqua touch display chipset address common user concerns, especially in wet conditions.

Battery: A Standout Feature

The OnePlus 12 shines in the battery department. With a 5,400 mAh battery, 50W wireless charging, and a remarkable 100W charging brick, it sets a new standard. The introduction of Aqua touch and a power management chip for optimal temperature control contribute to prolonged battery health, promising sustained performance even after four years of use.

Display: Breaking Records

The 120Hz QHD+ display of the OnePlus 12 sets records with its blue diamond pixel structure and a staggering peak brightness of 4,500 nits. The use of LTPS 3.0 technology allows for precise refresh rate scaling, while innovative PWM dimming ensures an eye-friendly experience even in low brightness settings. Gorilla Glass Victus protection adds durability.

Software: Oxygen OS Brilliance

Oxygen OS 4 on the OnePlus 12 offers a delightful user experience. While minor aesthetic concerns exist, the software’s thoughtfulness and efficiency stand out. Features like screen recording with front camera footage and quick launch enhance user convenience. The phone intelligently manages notifications, optimizing battery life and performance.

Speed: The Need for Speed

Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, the OnePlus 12 introduces The Trinity Engine, focusing on efficient communication between hardware layers. With 256GB of ultra-fast storage and 12GB of RAM, the device delivers a seamless, fast Android experience. The gaming experience is elevated with the pixel Works X7 co-processor, hyper rendering, and adaptive frame booster.

Camera: A Mixed Bag

The OnePlus 12’s camera system, co-engineered with Hasselblad, brings improvements but falls short in some areas. While the front camera may appear washed out, the rear cameras perform admirably. The 64MP three-times zoom lens and color temperature sensor contribute to impressive shots. However, real-time processing issues and video stabilization quirks highlight room for improvement.


The OnePlus 12, priced at $799, emerges as a strong competitor in the smartphone arena. With its exceptional battery life, groundbreaking display, efficient software, and impressive speed, it’s a compelling choice for users prioritizing performance. While the camera system falls short of industry leaders, the overall package positions the OnePlus 12 as a serious contender for Smartphone of the Year. Whether it will maintain its status throughout the year remains to be seen, but it has undoubtedly made a strong entry into the market.

Future Prospects and Final Thoughts

As we look ahead, the OnePlus 12 sets a high bar for competitors entering the smartphone market in 2024. Its innovative features, coupled with a relatively affordable price point, make it a device to watch throughout the year. However, the fast-paced nature of the tech industry means that the landscape can change rapidly. Will OnePlus maintain its momentum, or will other contenders emerge to challenge its position?

The Competitive Edge

The OnePlus 12’s impressive display, efficient software, and robust performance place it in a favorable position against competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The commitment to addressing user concerns, such as battery health and display technology, gives OnePlus a competitive edge in the ever-evolving smartphone market.

Addressing Camera Concerns

While the camera system on the OnePlus 12 has seen improvements, there’s still room for growth. The collaboration with Hasselblad hints at a commitment to elevating photography capabilities. OnePlus could focus on refining real-time processing and video stabilization to make the camera system a more formidable competitor in the market.

Software Updates and User Feedback

OnePlus has a track record of actively listening to user feedback and regularly updating its devices. Continued software optimizations, addressing minor aesthetic concerns, and introducing new features based on user input could further enhance the user experience. The community-driven approach that OnePlus is known for may play a crucial role in shaping the future iterations of the device.

Conclusion: A Promising Start

As we conclude this review, the OnePlus 12 stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design. While no device is perfect, the OnePlus 12 offers a compelling package that aligns with the needs and preferences of many smartphone users. Its success in 2024 will depend on how well it adapts to the dynamic tech landscape and addresses any emerging challenges.

In the coming months, we anticipate further developments, software updates, and user testimonials that will contribute to the ongoing narrative of the OnePlus 12. Whether it maintains its position as a strong contender for the Smartphone of the Year title will depend on its ability to stay ahead of the curve and respond effectively to user expectations.

For now, the OnePlus 12 has made a resounding entry into the market, and users can look forward to an exciting year of technological advancements and smartphone innovations. As the journey unfolds, we’ll continue to monitor and report on the OnePlus 12’s performance and its impact on the competitive smartphone landscape.


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