OJ Blaq’s Real Cause Of Death Finally Disclosed (Details)

Music fans in Ghana are now in grief over the passing of OJ Blaq, born Andy Nii Akrashie, a former Lynx Entertainment signee.

Following the news of his passing a few hours ago, many people have been wondering what led to the former well-known musician’s passing.

We’ve learned that the ‘Chale Wote’ hitmaker passed away from a kidney-related illness as being the cause of death.

The musician had been struggling with his kidney for a while and was receiving daily dialysis while he awaited a kidney match for a transplant.

He confessed to having lost both kidneys to excessive drinking and smoking before passing away.

He urged individuals to take their diet seriously and refrain from simply consuming whatever they can afford.

OJ Blaq stated: “I completely gave up smoking and drinking, and I increased my vegetable intake. Not all veggies are healthy for kidney patients, and adjusting my diet hasn’t been simple, but if you truly love your life, you have to learn to adapt. When renal patients quit taking their BP medications, it might change their quality of life as well.

Do a lot of check-ups and eat well, OJ Blaq advised young people, adding, “What I want to tell them is that they need to check what they eat well. We need to do our research on the best meals to eat since sometimes we are ignorant and don’t know that certain things are bad for us.

OJ Blaq Cause Of Death

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OJ Blaq’s Real Cause Of Death Finally Disclosed (Details)

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