‘No foul play’ in death of Ana Basalduaruiz: U.S. Army

Ana Basalduaruiz (KTBC screenshot)

The death of a 20-year-old female U.S. Army private in Texas who recently told her family she was being sexually harassed did not involve foul play, officials said this week.

According to a press release, Pvt. Ana Basalduaruiz, a combat engineer who served with the 1st Cavalry Division for the last 15 months, was found dead Monday in a maintenance bay at the army base in Fort Hood, Texas. It’s the same base where 20-year-old Vanessa Guillén was murdered three years ago after similarly claiming she had been sexually harassed.

“The Department of the Army Criminal Investigation Division officials have confirmed that at this point in the investigation into the death of Pvt. Ana Basalduaruiz, no foul play is evident and will remain under investigation,” a Thursday press release from the Fort Hood Press Center stated. “Army CID will continue to conduct a thorough investigation and gather all evidence and facts to ensure they discover exactly what transpired. Information related to any possible harassment will be addressed and investigated fully.”

Basalduaruiz told her family last month that she was being sexually harassed by at least one of her superiors at the base, according to a report from ABC News.

Fort Hood commander Lt. Gen. Sean Bernabe ensured that the Army CID investigation is “not ruling anything out and will investigate the circumstances leading up to Ana’s death fully and completely” during a Friday news conference.

The CID conducts its investigations outside of Fort Hood’s chain of command. Bernabe also noted that authorities are keeping Basalduaruiz’s family updated on the investigation.

‘No foul play’ in death of Ana Basalduaruiz: U.S. Army

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