Nikki Alcaraz disappears during cross-country trip with boyfriend Tyler Stratton to Orange County

The family of Nikki Alcaraz is seeking answers as they express concern over the disappearance of both Nikki and her boyfriend during a cross-country trip to Southern California.

Nikki, along with her boyfriend Tyler Stratton and their dog, embarked on a road trip in her black Jeep from Tennessee to Orange County to visit her family.

However, three weeks ago, the 33-year-old mother went missing in Moriarty, New Mexico.

The family is now seeking information about their whereabouts.

Toni Alcaraz, Nikki’s sister, expressed her apprehension, stating, “I’m fearful of the various possibilities after not receiving any communication from her for the past three weeks.”

Troubling indicators arose when the couple arrived in New Mexico. On May 4, a report from the Torrance County Sheriff’s Department documented Nikki Alcaraz having a black eye. A witness reported that Tyler Stratton had punched her in the face.

In response, Stratton asserted that he had also been struck, according to the report.

Both parties involved in the incident opted not to pursue charges and departed the police station individually.

Following her encounter with the police, Alcaraz was transported by law enforcement to Moriarty, where she subsequently contacted her sister.

Toni Alcaraz noticed that Nikki’s eye was already exhibiting signs of bruising, indicating that she had suffered significant physical harm. In an effort to assist her, a family friend traveled to New Mexico and arranged to meet with Alcaraz, intending to bring her back to California.

However, on the scheduled departure day, she informed him that she needed to return and locate her boyfriend.

Toni Alcaraz received a message from her sister on May 9, indicating that Nikki was in Arizona and intended to proceed with her journey to California.

Toni Alcaraz expressed her fear, stating, “I am fearful that something may have happened to them, whether they engaged in another altercation or encountered an accident with her Jeep in an unknown location.”

Notably, a license plate reader detected Alcaraz’s Jeep in the vicinity of Flagstaff, Arizona earlier this month. However, authorities have noted that her phone appears to be out of service.

It is worth mentioning that Stratton currently has an unrelated arrest warrant from Tennessee, associated with a theft charge.

Nikki Alcaraz disappears during cross-country trip with boyfriend Tyler Stratton to Orange County

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