Neal Katyal Shreds Trump’s 2026 Trial Request

Thursday, Donald Trump’s latest set of lawyers asked to delay his federal trial for trying to overturn the 2020 election until April, 2026. That was in response to special counsel Jack Smith’s request for a January 2, 2024 trial date. That’s arising from Trump’s third indictment, not to be confused with the Georgia criminal charges for trying to overturn the 2020 election, his fourth indictment.

Joy Reid and guest Neal Katyal could not keep from cracking up during a discussion of the delay request on her show that night. Katyal said, “Laughable gives it so much credit, Joy. I mean, I don’t actually have adjectives in my vocabulary, at least not ones I could say on television.”

“I’ll eat my hat if Judge Chutkan accepts it,” Katyal added, as Reid continued giggling.

But Katyal also made a serious point. Trump’s attempt to delay says a lot about the strength of the case against him and his consciousness of guilt. Someone who’s wrongly accused of launching a coup, subverting democracy and inciting January 6 would want a fast trial to clear one’s name, Katyal said, “but not this guy. This guy’s scared of going to trial. He talks all the bluster he wants outside of the courtroom, but he is terrified of actually being in a courtroom.”

Reid, laughing again, said, “Yeah, he’s like, ‘Let’s have the trial in the month of Neverty.’”

I’m looking forward to Team Trump getting smacked down bigly by the judge in the August 28 hearing.

Neal Katyal Shreds Trump’s 2026 Trial Request

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