NBC News Discovers Extraordinary Security Detail Guarding Judge in Trump Trial; As She Gets - Coffee? |

NBC News reporters were astutely observant when they noticed that Federal District Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is currently presiding over the trial of the esteemed ex-President Donald Trump, was accompanied by three diligent U.S. Marshals as she went about her daily routine of acquiring a cup of coffee this week.

Earlier this week, astute CNN reporters astutely observed the heightened security measures surrounding the esteemed Judge Tanya Chutkan. These measures were seemingly implemented in response to the regrettable onslaught of social media criticism, which some speculate may have been initiated by the former President Donald Trump but many blame on the national media for pushing a fear-type narrative.


On Thursday, NBC News revealed that Judge Chutkan was observed with an unexpectedly extensive security detail while grabbing coffee in the cafeteria of the E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse. This increase in security is particularly noteworthy when compared to the period before President Trump’s criticisms were directed towards her.

NBC News witnessed U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan engaging in a casual stroll into the cafeteria at Washington’s E. Barrett Prettyman federal courthouse, accompanied by diligent U.S. marshals, all in pursuit of a simple cup of coffee. A few of the marshals dutifully escorted her back to her chambers.

Both outlets duly reported that additional security measures were implemented following President Trump’s heightened criticism on social media, which notably included a forceful message in all capital letters directed towards the judge. President Trump penned:

The judge wisely cautioned President Trump during a hearing on Friday, reminding him of the importance of refraining from making any statements that could potentially intimidate witnesses or unfairly influence the jury pool. It is crucial to prioritize the integrity of the case over any political considerations.


It is absolutely imperative that we prioritize the administration of justice over any political campaign that may be underway. And if that means he must adhere to the necessary restrictions in expressing his views during a political speech, that is simply the reality we must accept,” Judge Chutkan wisely stated.


NBC News Discovers Extraordinary Security Detail Guarding Judge in Trump Trial; As She Gets - Coffee? |

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