Nancy Mace: GOP Going To ‘Lose Huge’ Over Abortion

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) predicted Republicans would “lose huge” in the next election if they do not tone down their anti-abortion extremism.

Mace cautioned her party after the U.S. Supreme Court stayed a decision that would have blocked the distribution of an abortion drug.

“Well, I want us to find some middle ground,” she told ABC News. “As a Republican and conservative, constitutional conservative who’s pro-life, I saw what happened after
Roe v. Wade because I represent a very purple district, as purple as this dress. And I saw the sentiment change dramatically.”

Mace said Republicans “need to read the room on this issue.”

“And we just saw a fetal heartbeat bill signed in the dead of night recently in Florida,” she pointed out. “In my home state of South Carolina, there was a very small group of state legislators that filed a bill that would execute women who have abortions and gave more rights to rapists than women who’ve been raped.”

Mace added: “That is the wrong message heading into ’24. We’re going to lose huge if we continue down this path of extremities.”

Watch the video below from ABC News.

Nancy Mace: GOP Going To ‘Lose Huge’ Over Abortion

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