My Proudest Glenn Beck Moment

This is the last week of our spring fundraiser.

As a reminder to or new friends, Crooks and Liars hosts almost all the videos you see on our own proprietary servers. We may have the most extensive political and cable news media video archive since 2004, of any website United States. C&L was the first real video website, (political or otherwise) that was created, even before YouTube was even started.

I’m very proud to be called the Vlogfather. It’s amazing what a little creativity and ingenuity can do.

In the above video, Glenn Beck called me a “parasite’ and C&L back in 2010 for having an opinion on the role of Blue Dogs in the Democratic party.

The progressives are parasites inside the democrat….The California progressives weren’t the only ones upset. John Amato of Crooksandliars wrote on Huffington Post.

“for Woolsey to holding a fundraising events for a known Blue Dog should be a firing offense for the CPC.”

It was a proud moment for sure..

As Fran wrote a bunch of years ago, “All of the televised events will be available here at Crooks and Liars via our own video server. Video servers cost money but they preserve history. Thanks to C&L you have a searchable archive of everything we cover.”

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My Proudest Glenn Beck Moment

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