Musk’s Anticipated Showdown with Zuckerberg Faces Unexpected Delay; Zuck Not Holding His Breath |

Elon Musk may be adamant on live-streaming his altercation with Mark Zuckerberg, but he first wants to have his neck and upper back examined.

“The precise date is still pending. In response to a tweet stating that Zuckerberg was waiting for Musk’s confirmation before setting a date for fight night, Musk responded on Sunday night, “I’m getting an MRI of my neck & upper back tomorrow.

It could be necessary to get surgery before the battle. Will learn this week,” added Musk.

Following his announcement on Sunday that the battle, whenever it takes place, will be aired live on X, previously known as Twitter, Musk tweeted about his back issues. The millionaire continued by saying that “veterans charities” will get the fight’s revenues.

Despite his ailments, Musk has been preparing for his confrontation with Zuckerberg. Georges St-Pierre, a Canadian UFC fighter, tweeted in July that he had a “fantastic training session” with Elon Musk, podcaster Lex Fridman, and martial arts expert John Danaher. 

Additionally, Musk performed a webcast workout on Friday. 

As he raised a dumbbell, Musk stated to the camera, “This is me curling a 45, so there you go.”

The live video function on Twitter seems to be under test in Musk’s video. Later, he claimed in a tweet that he was working out quickly while testing his goods.

“Working out and product testing accomplish two goals at once! Musk subsequently said in another tweet that he quickly gains muscle. “I swing one of the 45 lb weights for a kettle bell exercise,” Musk stated. 

Musk previously highlighted his neck and back problems in a post about a sumo battle he had took part in. The millionaire uploaded a picture of himself battling a sumo wrestler in March 2022, but he didn’t say when this sumo bout occurred. 

I was able to toss him, but it cost me my c5-c6 disc and eight years of excruciating back agony! Musk described his back issues from the game on Twitter, stating that they were “finally repaired with c5-c6 disc fusion.”


In any event, it appears that Zuckerberg, who claimed to have given Musk a date for the battle, won’t be shocked by this latest postponement. 

“When he originally challenged, I proposed August 26, but he hasn’t confirmed. Not holding my breath,” commented Zuckerberg in a thread on Meta. 


Musk’s Anticipated Showdown with Zuckerberg Faces Unexpected Delay; Zuck Not Holding His Breath |

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