Mismatched Opinions: Mexican President Urges Hispanic Voters to Dismiss Ron DeSantis’ Immigration Stance |

Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador has opined that Florida Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, could potentially leverage immigrants for his political advantage, in the event of his election as the President of the United States. This highlights the contentious perception around immigration, with politicians on opposing ends of the spectrum utilizing the matter for their political gains, thereby affecting the reality of millions of immigrants in the United States.

In a turbulent Twitter Space this week with the platform’s creator Elon Musk that was hampered by technical issues, the governor of Florida declared his candidacy. Despite a shaky start, polling data consistently showed him as the Republican opponent of former President Donald Trump who was most likely to win.

DeSantis has fought against illegal immigration into the Sunshine State in the past, but López Obrador said on Thursday that “[a]ll of his playing politics with migrants was because he wanted to be the Republican party nominee. I hope Florida’s Hispanics wake up and abstain from voting for him, according to ADN America.

Last year, DeSantis received a lot of media coverage for his decision to transfer immigrants to the upper-class, left-wing community of Martha’s Vineyard. The Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott, who has been busing migrants to sanctuary towns to draw attention to the Biden administration’s lackadaisical stance to border enforcement, looked to be nodding in agreement with the Florida Governor as he did this.

He enacted a comprehensive immigration law earlier this month that stiffened penalties for undocumented workers and provided cash for a scheme to relocate them. He sent the state National Guard to the Florida Keys in January to help fight illegal marine immigration.

Contrarily, the Mexican president has frequently had friendly connections with the late President Donald Trump, whose trademark policy was to crack down on illegal immigration. López Obrador went so far as to openly denounce the investigation after Trump was charged in April, stating that “supposedly legal matters should not be utilized for electoral, political ends. I object to what they are doing to former President Trump because of this.

Mismatched Opinions: Mexican President Urges Hispanic Voters to Dismiss Ron DeSantis’ Immigration Stance |

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