Military Secretaries Rip Tuberville For Blocking Confirmations

Singlehandedly, Sen Tommy Tuberville has been holding military nominations. As a result,
three service secretaries- Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall, and Army Secretary Christine Wormuth- have ripped the former high school coach, telling him that he’s risking our national security. Three hundred senior military leaders’ nominations are on hold because Tuberville doesn’t want military members to be able to travel to another state to get an abortion.

“Senators have many legislative and oversight tools to show their opposition to a specific policy,” the three secretaries write in The Washington Post. “They are free to introduce legislation, gather support for that legislation, and pass it. But placing a blanket hold on all general and flag officer nominees, who as apolitical officials have traditionally been exempt from the hold process, is unfair to these military leaders and their families.”

“Three of our five military branches — the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps — have no Senate-confirmed service chief in place,” the op-ed states. “Instead, these jobs — and dozens of others across the force — are being performed by acting officials without the full range of legal authorities necessary to make the decisions that will sustain the United States’ military edge.”

“Across the services, many generals and admirals are being forced to perform two roles simultaneously,” the Post continues. “The strain of this double duty places a real and unfair burden on these officers, the organizations they lead and their families. The blanket hold is also exacting a personal toll on those who least deserve it.”

“All because of the actions of a single senator,” they write. “Any claim that holding up the promotions of top officers does not directly damage the military is wrong — plain and simple.”

“The leaders whose lives and careers are on hold include scores of combat veterans who have led our troops into deadly combat with valor and distinction in the decades since 9/11,” the piece continues. “These men and women each have decades of experience and are exactly who we want — and need — to be leading our military at such a critical period of time.”

“Throughout our careers in national security, we have deeply valued the bipartisan support shown for our service members and their families,” the three secretaries write. “But rather than seeking a resolution to this impasse in that spirit, Tuberville has suggested he is going to further escalate this confrontation by launching baseless political attacks against these men and women.”

“We believe that the vast majority of senators and of Americans across the political spectrum recognize the stakes of this moment and the dangers of politicizing our military leaders,” the Post adds. “It is time to lift this dangerous hold and confirm our senior military leaders.”

And to think that Alabama could have had Doug Jones.

Military Secretaries Rip Tuberville For Blocking Confirmations

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