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Apparently the Easter Edition. (Wasn’t the vernal equinox three wks. ago? Somebody’s running late.)

Juanita Jean has heard rumors of a rumored Republican sex scandal, which may involve a certain amount of the usual self-righteous Republican S-E-X hypocrisy. Imagine that!

Historian Steven Beschloss has a quote: “As former Chief Justice Warren Burger once made clear, the freedom to bear these arms is ‘one of the greatest pieces of fraud'” in a call to ban assault weapons.

Twitter-Substack War!! Dan Pfeiffer is being suppressed.

Also being suppressed: Yastrebkyansky, cross-posting at No More Mister Nice Blog. This flagging of ancient Blogger items happened to your host recently as well. Any other victims?

Remember “Where’s the outrage?” Strangely Blogged on Justice Thomas & his very dear friends.

Bonus Blogregation from Fair and Unbalanced.

M. Bouffant scraped all this from the iNternet. Submit your great liberal blog to [email protected].

Mike’s Blog Round-Up | Crooks and Liars

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