Michigan AG Indicts 16 Fake Electors!

Another surprise indictment came Tuesday morning, totally out of left field. Michigan AG Dana Nessel has indicted all 16 of Trump’s fake electors – and they are facing A LOT of prison time if convicted. These fake electors were part of a crazy scheme to try to officially provide a legal document that stated – falsely – that Trump was the rightful winner of their state. Even though he WAS NOT and they knew it.

They each face 8 charges, including conspiracy to commit forgery, two counts of forgery, conspiracy to commit uttering and publishing, uttering and publishing, conspiracy to commit election law forgery, and two counts of election law forgery. They face up to 14 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

This is the first time any fake electors have been charged with a crime, although this same pattern happened in numerous other states. Those charged are:

  • Kathy Berden, a Republican National Committeewoman
  • William (Hank) Choate
  • Amy Facchinello
  • Clifford Frost
  • Stanley Grot
  • John Haggard
  • Mary-Ann Henry
  • Timothy King
  • Michele Lundgren
  • Meshawn Maddock, the former co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party
  • James Renner
  • Mayra Rodriguez
  • Rose Rook
  • Marian Sheridan
  • Ken Thompson
  • Kent Vanderwood.

This group includes current and former state GOP officials, the Republican National Committee member, a sitting mayor, a school board member and numerous Trump supporters.

These 16 fake electors met on December 14, 2020 and knowingly signed certificates “falsely proclaiming that Trump won the state and they were the rightful electors.” They even tried to enter the statehouse to deliver the papers, but police stopped them. This unlawful entrance occurred AS the legitimate Democratic electors were meeting inside the building.

Special Counsel Jack Smith is also investigating the fake electors plot, in addition to numerous other January 6th related tracks.

Enjoy prison!

Michigan AG Indicts 16 Fake Electors!

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