Matt Walsh – A Hockey Puck Of A Man

Matt Walsh is having a meltdown about the NHL being an ally to the LGBTQ+ community by hosting Pride Nights.

He started out whining like a little girl that sports in general are not as manly as they were 30 years ago but that the NHL was really bad off. He admitted that he’s never watched the NHL, but then admiringly spoke about how hockey players will get into fights just for the hell of it. But then Walsh manly mewled about the pride nights and added, “You can never be fully manly on ice skates.”

Of course, it’s pretty easy for Walsh to feign any knowledge of what manliness is while sitting in a cozy studio, wearing his never been worn flannel shirts and waving his manicured hands about as he experiences the vapors.

But you just know that old Matt would get weak in the knees and tremble like a little flower if he met a hockey player on the ice or on dry land. They would treat his head like a puck and not work up a sweat doing it. I bet he’d definitely manly wet his pants if he ever did meet one.

Matt Walsh – A Hockey Puck Of A Man

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