Mass Shooting on Hollywood Broadwalk left 9 people shot including minors

Update: According to City of Hollywood spokesperson Deanna Bettinesch, Preliminary investigation reveals that this was there was an altercation between two groups that resulted in gunfire.

Right now, we do have one person of detained and right now we’re also searching for an additional suspect.

At this point, they’re believed to be a black male with dreads, a black short-sleeved shirt and camo shorts. We are asking people to avoid the area right now as the investigation continues.

We also have a family assistance center that’s set up right now. It’s near Johnson Street and North Ocean.

This is an area where families can go and they can talk to the the detectives on scene. Ask them questions about family members and they can also get him from a about their vehicles that may be inside of the crime scene.

We do also want to ask that if there is anybody with pictures or video, we ask them to Email Hollywood PD tips at Hollywood FL. org.

Earlier Report:

The Hollywood police have been dispatched in response to reports of a shooting incident on Monday afternoon.

Information obtained by FOX3 indicates that a total of nine individuals were transported to nearby hospitals.

One person of interest has been detained and police are currently looking for a second individual.

Additionally, there is a possibility that one person remains at large within the vicinity of the 1200 block of N. Broadwalk or in close proximity to the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort.

According to reports on-site, a minimum of three shooting victims are minors. At approximately 6:41 p.m., a live camera feed of the area captured individuals fleeing the scene in a state of panic.

Multiple victims were subsequently transported to Memorial Health for medical assistance. Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy released the following statement in response:

“Thank you to the good Samaritans, paramedics, police and emergency room doctors and nurses for their immediate response to aid the victims of today’s shooting.”

Visual evidence displayed a significant presence of law enforcement vehicles, including marked and unmarked police cars, along with a crime scene van and multiple fire-rescue trucks, situated in the vicinity.

Additionally, authorities had closed off at least one roadway, and sources have reported that a substantial perimeter had been established by law enforcement in the area.

As the investigation remains ongoing, the Hollywood Police Department is advising individuals to refrain from entering the Hollywood Beach area spanning from Johnson to Garfield Street, including the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk.

Authorities have established a designated reunification area at the junction of Johnson St. and the N. Ocean bus loop, as per the police announcement.

This is an ongoing situation, and further updates will be provided as additional details emerge.

Mass Shooting on Hollywood Broadwalk left 9 people shot including minors

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