Marjorie Taylor Greene Seems To Be Snubbing Expulsion Alerts from Senior House Freedom Caucus Members |

According to reports, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is avoiding calls from senior House Freedom Caucus members who are attempting to inform her that she has been expelled from the conservative group.

Prior to and following a vote to have her removed, the Georgia Republican did not accept or return calls from group chair Scott Perry (R-PA). One member of the caucus board said he wanted to talk about the reasons for the change, and a senior source confirmed she had left the caucus “pending a conversation with her,” according to Axios.

The HFC board member stated that the woman was “unresponsive, resisted, and refused efforts to meet with or talk with Chairman Perry, and so the vote was held without that conversation being held.” According to what I understand, she also refused to speak with or meet with Chairman Perry after the general membership’s vote. I suspect this was akin to someone refusing to accept service of legal papers.

When Congress reconvenes after the Fourth of July recess, Greene won’t be able to participate in meetings anymore because of the “overwhelming” vote to remove her as the group’s first expulsion since its establishment in 2015.

The board member declared, “This was a notification, not a negotiation.”

The last straw, it seems, was calling Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) a “little b*tch” during an altercation on the House floor. Other members were upset that she had supported Kevin McCarthy for House speaker and the debt ceiling negotiations.

The HFC board member claimed that the Freedom Caucus member “was unique among the Freedom Caucus members in her attack on other Freedom Caucus members during the speaker battle, who shared a different view than her with respect to now Speaker McCarthy.”

The board member continued, “She hasn’t attended many meetings in the past six months.” She hasn’t engaged in many other activities, the Freedom Caucus has run them, and she supported a different side in the biggest legislative fight of this Congress’s current session, the debt ceiling bill.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Seems To Be Snubbing Expulsion Alerts from Senior House Freedom Caucus Members |

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