Marjorie Taylor Greene Pulls Out The ‘Crack Pipes’ Again

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) complained on Thursday after claiming President Joe Biden’s government was giving out “crack pipes” and “safe sex kits.”

At a House Oversight hearing on fentanyl, Greene suggested Biden’s border policies were to blame for the drug crisis.

“But while the drug crisis in this country soars out of control, the Biden administration is busy sending crack pipes, syringes, and safe sex kits to drug addicts in the name of harm reduction,” she told Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Dr. Rahul Gupta. “Wouldn’t it be easier to deal with the drug addiction and drug overdose if there were fewer drugs in our country?”

“So the first thing we have to do is keep people alive,” Gupta replied. “And this is the reason that the President is committed to making sure we have technology at the border that detects every bit of fentanyl that’s coming through.”

Greene pushed the debunked claim that the Biden administration was providing crack pipes for “racial equity.”

“I read in the news the Biden men is funding crack pipe distribution to advance racial equality,” she stated. “I’m not sure how crack pipes advance racial equality. As a matter of fact, I’ll go ahead and state for the record, I believe we’re all equal. I think crack pipes are probably leading to furthering the drug problem, not helping it.”

“I can commit to you that no federal funding is going to what you’ve mentioned,” Gupta explained to Greene. examined the crack pipe claim in 2022 and determined it to be not true.

“The program doesn’t provide funding for crack pipes, contrary to partisan claims fueled by a flawed assumption,” found. “The reporter never specifically asked the spokesperson if pipes would be included in safe smoking kits, and the spokesperson never said crack pipes would be included in the kits.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene Pulls Out The ‘Crack Pipes’ Again

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