Marge Calls The Waaambulance On Herself

Controversial Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t taking being silenced on Wednesday very well after an exchange with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. She called Mayorkas a liar, and that’s a no-no.

Attacking someone’s character is against the committee’s rules. Greene’s comments were taken down, so she was blocked from being recognized to speak for the remainder of the hearing.

And she didn’t let him respond to her outburst. The Georgia Republican doesn’t like playing by the rules and doesn’t play well with others.

“They struck down my words,” she said. “Not only did they strike down my words, they took away the rest of my time interviewing, questioning, and talking to Mayorkas.”

“So they didn’t take my words away, they also silenced me,” she continued. “This is why we’re losing our country.”

“We can’t allow this to go on,” she added. “And I am really fed up with it, sick and tired of it.”

We are not “losing our country” because there are rules that she has to adhere to. It was a bipartisan move to strike down her words. Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.) agreed that Greene’s rant violated the House rules, too.

Go cry into your MyPillow, Marge.

Marge Calls The Waaambulance On Herself

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