Man in custody following hostage situation at Gold’s Gym in Capitol Hill

On Wednesday evening, the Seattle police were called to address a hostage situation in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

The incident took place outside a Gold’s Gym located on the 400 block of Broadway East, around 6:40 p.m.

According to the authorities, a 42-year-old man entered a QFC store in the vicinity while carrying a firearm. He subsequently proceeded to the nearby gym, where he confronted multiple individuals and pointed his weapon at them.

Witnesses report that an argument ensued shortly after the confrontation.

Authorities are currently investigating whether there was any prior connection between the suspect and the individual held at gunpoint.

Chris Johnson, who was exercising at the gym during the incident, shared his experience, stating that he heard raised voices and subsequently witnessed the armed individual. Johnson remarked, “To be honest, when I saw the gun, words didn’t carry much weight.

We were beyond shouting and yelling.” While some gym attendees managed to flee to safety upon spotting the firearm, others remained inside the gym throughout the ordeal.

Following the incident, Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz reported that the hostage negotiation team was mobilized. Subsequently, the suspect willingly surrendered and was apprehended.

He has since been booked into King County Jail on charges of assault and unlawful imprisonment.

Fortunately, no injuries were sustained, and there were no reports of gunfire during the entirety of the situation.

Police are reopening traffic at the intersection.

Police have secure the scene and allowed employees entrance.

Man in custody following hostage situation at Gold’s Gym in Capitol Hill

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