Maame Serwaa New Video Sparks A Stir Online

Maame Serwaa has been low-key for a while now, as she keeps her fan base anticipatory and wanting more to see her.

I may not blame her, the Ghanaian movie scene had evidently died over the years due to various reasons this article will not be able to contain – maybe that will be another story for another article.

However, Maame Serwaa has popped up online with her new video that has sparked a stir online.

She is seen flaunting her newly trained physique. Apparently, our Kumerican star has been in and out of the gym so much that it looks like she sleeps in her workout outfit.

Truly, her exercise routine has paid off – Maame is seen flaunting everything cʋrvy.

Although she has over a few times debunked rumors that she has worked on her body, this may be a little bit evident in her new video – who am I to judge after all?

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Netizens expectedly reacted:

Arh eno be that witch 🧙‍♀️ girl we see for movies nu?

God bless duna👍buh duna aside she dey spoil low key oo bro 😂😂proper marketing to de ministers

When did she start all this gym work

Have not touch it but it hard


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Maame Serwaa New Video Sparks A Stir Online

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