Lil Win’s Sacrifice that Paid Off (See Details)

Popular Ghanaian actor, Kwadwo Nkansah, popularly known as ‘Lil Win’ has revealed that he acted in several movie roles for years without receiving any payment.

The actor shared his experience in an interview with Nhyira FM, stating that despite the hardship he faced during those years, he continued to act without pay. He explained that he did this because he believed that a day would come when movie producers would have to pay him for his services.

“All this while when I was acting, I wasn’t paid anything and I continued. Because I knew a day was coming when they cannot use me for free,” he said.

Lil Win further advised individuals who find themselves in similar situations not to give up on their dreams, but to continue to give their best in their chosen field, even if they are not receiving any payment.

“In whatever you think you are good at, give it out free to people because a day will come when the same people will have to pay you before you work for them,” he said.

He added that while giving out their services for free, they should focus on improving their skills, as this would enable them to demand better pay when the time comes.

Lil Win’s advice to up-and-coming actors and artists is particularly relevant in the Ghanaian entertainment industry, where many young people struggle to find paid work. With dedication and hard work, he believes that anyone can achieve success, even if they start out working for free.

Despite facing challenges at the beginning of his career, Lil Win has become one of Ghana’s most popular actors, known for his comedic performances and entertaining movies.

His story is an inspiration to many young people who aspire to make it in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.


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Lil Win’s Sacrifice that Paid Off (See Details)

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