Learning to Code Quickly in 2024 with AI: A Comprehensive Guide


In this article, I will guide you on leveraging the power of AI to expedite your coding journey, specifically using Chat GPT and the innovative tool Perplexity AI.

Perplexity AI

Let’s dive into the steps to accelerate your coding skills. Although we’ll use Python as an example, Chat GPT can assist in virtually any programming language.

  1. Initiate Learning Path: Begin by visiting Perplexity AI and inputting a statement like, “I am a complete Python novice. I want to learn data analysis and be proficient in six months. Create a learning path for me.” This will generate a roadmap to get you started.
  2. Master the Basics: Explore the basics by asking Chat GPT to create challenges for you. The platform can help you understand fundamental concepts and provide sources for further exploration.


Now that you have a foundational understanding, it’s time to proceed to more hands-on activities.

  1. Ask for Help: If you encounter difficulties, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from Chat GPT. For instance, if Challenge number four on if-else conditions poses a challenge, break it down step by step with the help of Chat GPT.
  2. Intermediate Challenges: Utilize Perplex AI to discover intermediate challenges. While they might seem challenging, don’t be discouraged. Ask Chat GPT to create tutorials based on these challenges, breaking them down and testing your understanding.
  3. Reading Other People’s Code: Engage in reading code written by others on platforms like GitHub. Try to comprehend the code and, if needed, seek explanations from Chat GPT. This method aligns with the most effective learning technique—retrieval practice.
  4. Retrieval Practice: When learning from others’ code, actively engage in retrieval practice. Ask Chat GPT to create tests related to the code you’ve read. This method enhances your understanding and retention.
  5. Brilliant: Coding can be challenging, but there’s a free and easy way to excel with Brilliant.org, our sponsor. Brilliant offers interactive lessons on computer science, math, and data science.

Brilliant – Effective and Fun Learning

Brilliant stands out for its effectiveness and engaging learning techniques. It doesn’t rely on monotonous lectures but rather interactive lessons that challenge you to apply newfound knowledge. The platform covers diverse topics, including computer science, data science, AI, and neural networks, catering to various skill levels.

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