Kristina Partsinevelos In 2022: Age, Boyfriend, Struggle, Career

The beautiful and equally talented Fox Business Network reporter Kristina Partsinevelos has one of the most charming ways of presenting herself.

If that wasn’t enough, she’s also a very inspirational person.

Here, learn more about this amazing woman’s life. Who is she dating now, how she started in journalism?

Learn this, learn that, and everything in Between.

Who Is Kristina Partsinevelos? Age, Hometown

Kristina Partsinevelos was born on September 30, 1985.

The talented reporter was born in Quebec, Montreal, Canada.

Kristina is 36 years old today and her zodiac sign is Libra.

Kristina also has a sister named Maria Partsinevelou.

Partsinevelos, sister Maria, and father. (Kristina/Instagram)

Partsinevelos spent most of her time in Canada, where she attended high school.

However, for her higher education, Kristina traveled to foreign countries.

Partsinevelos Dating, Boyfriend

The FBN reporter Kristina Partsinevelos is dating Dr. Mark Glaire, or is she?

According to sources, Kristina is dating a blonde-haired young gentleman by the name Mark Glaire.

Kristina Partsinevelos and Mark Glaire
Kristina Partsinevelos and Mark Glaire. (Kristina/Instagram)

To talk more about him, Mark is a doctor.

He studied at the University of Aberdeen, pursuing a degree in Medicine and Surgery and graduated in 2014.

Having worked at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Wellcome Trust, Mark currently works at the University of Oxford.

At the University of Oxford, Mark works in DPhil Biomedical and Clinical Sciences department.

However, there’s a pretty strong chance that Kristina and Mark aren’t dating anymore. The reason being that the cozy pictures Kristina once posted with Mark on her Instagram are no more.

Moreover, Mark is off Instagram as well.

Does that mean Kristina and the handsome doctor broke off their relationship and moved on separately?

Well, neither of them confirmed their relationship, at least not via any official statements. It’s also the same case with their break up.

Apart from Mark, there’s no other man in Kristina’s life who comes off as a potential partner.

Also, Kristina has never married as well. There’s a chance we’ll be hearing of a wedding in the future.

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Partsinevelos’ Education (College, University)

Initially, Kristina enrolled at Marianopolis College, located at Westmount, Quebec, in 2002.

In 2004, she graduated and received her DEC in Health Science.

The same year in 2004, Kristina enrolled to get her bachelor’s degree at John Molson School of Business, located in Montréal.

In 2008, Partsinevelos graduated with a bachelor’s degree in commerce and marketing.

While studying at John Molson School of Business, Partsinevelos went to Hirakata, Japan, to attend Kansai Gaidai University, where she studies health science.

While in Japan, Kristina also took Japanese speaking and writing classes along with other international business classes.

Kristina spent less than a year in Japan.

In 2011, Partsinevelos moved to Ottawa and attended Carleton University, where she pursued a master’s degree.

Later in 2013, Kristina graduated with a Master of Journalism degree, focusing on broadcast journalism.

In 2015, Kristina joined two different institutes. She attended the Investor Protection Law Seminar at York University.

The same year, Kristina also completed the Canadian Securities Course at Moody’s Analytics Training & Certification Services.

In 2016, Kristina traveled to the UK to enroll at the University of Oxford to pursue MBA.

In 2017, Kristina graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree like an MBA candidate at Oxford’s Saïd Business School

Kristina Partsinevelos Career

In 2009, Kristina began her career as a B2B Sales Representative at Smartbox Canada.

She mostly wrote editorials and did cold calling to potential clients.

After six months at Smartbox Canada, Kristina left the organization to join Insight as a Marketing Strategy Specialist in September 2009.

In January of 2011, she became IBM Sales Specialist.

In September 2011, Partsinevelos left Insight to join The Montreal Gazette as a City Section Intern.

Later in September of 2011, Kristina began working as a Teaching Assistant at Carleton University.

In 2012, she joined CTV Montreal as a Chase Producer (Internship.)

Kristina moved to Kenya in 2012 to join A24 Media as a reporter and Chase Producer.

In February of 2013, Kristina did another one-month long internship at CTV News in Ottawa.

In May 2013, she worked at CBC as a TV and Radio Reporter and stayed there for eight months.

Kristina also served very short-lived roles in the Canadian American Business Council (2014), MaRS Discovery District (2014), Weizmann Canada (2015), and Canadian American Business Council (2015).

In December 2013, she joined Bell Media as Business News Network Reporter/ CTV Business Correspondent.

After leaving Bell Media in September of 2016, Kristina moved to the UK for her MBA degree.

In 2018, Kristina moved to the United States and joined Fox Business Network as a Business Reporter.

Kristina has also appeared in the 2014 movie “Contention” as Nadia.

Kristina Partsinevelos Career Struggles

During her career, Kristina has faced a lot of struggles.

According to an interview, several firms rejected her for diverse reasons.

From a very young age, Kristina was a fan of public speaking.

However, there were several times when her attempts were knocked out of the park because of rejection.

One time, in 2011, Kristina applied for a posting of the host in MTV Canada.

Unfortunately, even though she thought that her audition went well, MTV Canada rejected her.

However, in the rejection email, the person stated that she had what it takes to break into the broadcast industry.

That sparked a flame of motivation that helped Kristina hustle her way into the industry.

In 2017, while working for Canadian Business Network, Kristina decided to take a massive risk of moving to the United States.

She wanted to get into the big leagues aka New York City.

“All I knew was that I eventually wanted to work in the “big leagues” a.k.a. New York City.”

– Kristina Partsinevelos

Partsinevelos reportedly took on debt, uprooted her life in Canada, and shift to live in the United States with hopes of making it large.

“I put myself in debt and uprooted my life to a foreign country with no guarantee of a job.”

– Kristina Partsinevelos

When she first came to the United States, Kristina did not have any kind of connections here.

Therefore, she began implementing the cold call approach that she learned in her first job at Smartbox Canada.

“Hustling is how I’ve got past rejections, turning what would otherwise have been negative experiences into learning opportunities.”

– Kristina Partsinevelos

Making Her Own Way

Kristina began sending emails to people already established in journalism.

It was when she sent a direct message to a prominent journalist on Twitter that worked out.

The journalist who worked for a national US network referred her to Fox Business, and that’s how she landed a much-anticipated career in New York.

As a result of her hard work in both studies and in a professional career, Kristina won the Tim-Eisenmann award for the best speaker at the 2017 MBA Word Summit in Berlin

Partsinevelos Left FOX, Joins CNBC

In March of 2021, Partsinevelos left Fox Business Network as a business reporter.

She worked at Fox Business Network for over 3 years.

As of May, 2022 Partsinevelos joined CNBC as a Full-Time Correspondent.

More specifically, Partsinevelos serves as a general assignment reporter for Business Day.

Kristina will cover stocks, investment trends around ESG and so on.

Kristina Partsinevelos Salary

In 2022, Kristina reportedly earns more than $100,000 annually.

Kristina joined CNBC as a correspondent and probably received a much bulkier salary compensation too.

While the actual numbers remain undisclosed, we believe CNBC is paying Kristina more than FOX Network did.

What Is Kristina Partsinevelos Age?

Kristina Partsinevelos is 36 years old. She was born on September 30, 1985, in Quebec, Canada.

How Tall is Kristina Partsinevelos?

Kristina Partsinevelos is 5 feet 6 inches or 168cm tall in height.

Is Kristina Partsinevelos Married?

No, Kristina Partsinevelos is not married. She was previously believed to be dating Dr. Mark Glaire.

Kristina Partsinevelos Salary

Kristina Partsinevelos earns an annual salary of over $100,000 at Fox Business Network.

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