Kourtney Kardashian in hot water over vaginal gummies

KARACHI: The Kardashians aren’t necessarily known to be the most responsible when it comes to their social media presence. From promoting unrealistic beauty standards to being labelled climate criminals, there is nothing the family hasn’t been criticized over. In more the more recent controversy, Kourtney Kardashian finds herself in hot water over her brand Lemme and their vaginal gummies.

The reality star, who is known for her NFSW pictures with husband Travis Barker, had begun her journey into wellness with her blog Poosh and later released a line of supplements called Lemme. Their latest products include a vitamin range which claim to work on, “Balancing your vaginal microflora and pH is key to maintaining a healthy vaginal microbiome.”

Explaining the concept behind the gummies, Kourtney Kardashian captioned the release video for the Lemme product emphasizing on the need to focus on vaginal health, “Vaginal health is such an important part of a woman’s overall well-being (and not talked about enough) which is why we are so excited to launch this.” The basic composition for the gummies includes, “Real pineapple and Vitamin C with the power of clinically-studied SNZ 1969™ probiotics to target vaginal health and pH levels that support freshness and taste.” But are the gummies as hyped up as the reality star would want you to believe?

Apparently not. Dr Jen Gunter, a gynaecologist and author of myth-busting bestseller The Vagina Bible, was one of the first people to call Kourtney Kardashian out over the Lemme gummies. “Anyone who suggests that your vagina isn’t fresh or needs an improved taste is a misogynist and awful person, and yes that includes you @kourtneykardash and your @lemme grift.”

Maddy Dann, a 30-year-old doctor who actively talks about sexual health on TikTok also spoke up against why the gummies probably wont work. “Every person with a vulva or vagina is going to have a different odour, it’s going to have a different scent, a different taste and a different amount of discharge,” she explained, “And so what this product suggests is that every woman needs to have the same tasting, the same smelling, vagina or discharge – and that’s just not realistic.” She also emphasized that “There’s no such thing as an unclean vagina, the vagina self-cleans.”

It seems as though the Kar-Jenners can’t do anything right!

Kourtney Kardashian in hot water over vaginal gummies

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