Killer Kyle Cries The Blues About Being Sued

Killer Kyle Rittenhouse went on with Dan Ball at OANN to mewl about the fact that he is now facing a second civil law suit

“So they’re suing me in the Eastern District of Wisconsin for emotional damages, pain and suffering, humiliation, a bunch of other things, I think conspiracy is one of them,” said Rittenhouse. “And it’s quite honestly ridiculous, it’s frustrating, and I’m just praying it doesn’t go anywhere because if they win, this is a new standard for people who defend themselves and are rightfully acquitted in a criminal court. If they’re proven to use lawful self-defense, they’re gonna say, hey, I know you were found not guilty, but we’re gonna come after you in civil court, we’re gonna take your money and we’re gonna file these lawsuits against you and we’re gonna drown you in a mountain of debt.”

Rittenhouse and Ball bemoaned the fact that it would set “a horrible precedent” for gun rights and self-defense, noting that Grosskreutz admitted on the stand to pointing a gun at Rittenhouse himself.

“I mean, we see it here at OAN Kyle and other conservative voices out there,” said Ball. “If you don’t agree with what we’re saying, the left’s first go to is obviously attack the woke mob that’s happened to you, whether it be in your face physically when you’re out or on social media and the second is try to break them financially. That’s what they do. Take away advertisers, we know this, take away cable coverage, satellite coverage. We know this or sue, sue, sue and try to take all your money.”

But don’t worry. Before the end of the segment, Killer Kyle did get the chance to do a little grifting, asking people to donate to his Kyle doesn’t want to work, er, legal defense fund.

A recurring theme was trying to paint Killer Kyle as the victim. They kept saying that he was just a poor college student and that it was so unfair that people were trying to hold him accountable for his behaviors and that he wasn’t being allowed to live a normal teenager.

That’s the part which would burn anyone’s toast. First of all, he isn’t going to college. He’s not even trying to go to college. Hell, Kyle even admitted that he is now a “social media influencer.” Secondly, and more importantly, normal teenagers don’t cross state lines, take up an illegally purchased weapon and start gunning people down.

But somewhere out there, you know that OJ Simpson was screaming his agreement about how unfair it is that a person could have to face civil lawsuits after being acquitted in criminal court.

Killer Kyle Cries The Blues About Being Sued

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