Keying Finds: Ron DeSantis Faces Hurdles with Young Republican Voters in 2024 Presidential Election |

Recent polling suggests that Ron DeSantis may encounter challenges in the 2024 presidential election with a particular demographic. Among Republican voters under the age of 45, the Florida Governor trails former President Donald Trump by a significant margin of 50 points, with support at 14% compared to Trump’s commanding lead at 64%, as revealed by a June 23–June 26 Fox News poll.

Given that DeSantis, 44, actually belongs to that age group, it is noteworthy that the 77-year-old Trump has such a large lead among younger voters. In his speeches during the election campaign, the governor brought up his advanced age and touted his ability to revitalize the executive branch.

Despite these assurances, younger voters are the worst subgroup for DeSantis in the Fox News poll and hurt the governor’s overall numbers. DeSantis is only 25 points behind with voters aged 45 to 64 (52% to 27%). Additionally, the Governor is 20 points behind among voters 65 and older (50% to 30%).

DeSantis trails Trump by a total of 34 points, 56% to 22%, with the other candidates far behind.

Third-place finisher is author Vivek Ramaswamy, with former vice president Mike Pence and South Carolina senator Tim Scott tied for fourth place with 4% each.

In front of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, and Larry Elder, who each have 1% support, is former UN envoy Nikki Haley.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, former Texas Congressman Will Hurd, and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez all received no support in the Fox News poll.

The margin of error for the survey, which was conducted jointly by Beacon Research and Shaw & Company Research, is +/- 5% among Republican respondents.

The overall 34-point gap between Trump and DeSantis in the poll is just slightly outside the national polling average for the Race to the White House. That shows Trump with 53% of the vote, DeSantis with 22%, Pence with 6%, Haley with 4%, and Ramaswamy and Scott each with 3%.

Keying Finds: Ron DeSantis Faces Hurdles with Young Republican Voters in 2024 Presidential Election |

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