Key Figure in Trump Campaign Identified in Indictment Over Government Documents: Report |

Susie Wiles, an adviser to former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign, has been identified as the “PAC representative” referenced in a significant episode detailed within special counsel Jack Smith’s indictment involving sensitive government documents. Multiple sources cited by ABC News confirm this finding, shedding light on the previously anonymous individual mentioned in the 37-count indictment.

As per the indictment, Mr. Trump showcased a classified map to the PAC representative at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey in either August or September 2021. The purpose was to illustrate the challenges faced by a military operation that was not progressing well. Mr. Trump advised the individual, later identified as Ms. Wiles in media reports, to maintain some distance and exercise caution.


According to the indictment, the representative was not required to possess knowledge of the operation and did not possess the necessary security clearances.

Ms. Wiles, a prominent advisor to Mr. Trump, played a vital role in his Florida operations and at his Save America PAC. Moreover, she lent support to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during his gubernatorial campaigns. As we look ahead to the GOP presidential primary in 2024, DeSantis emerges as Mr. Trump’s main rival.


The indictment highlights two instances in which Mr. Trump stands accused of sharing classified documents, one of which corresponds to the incident described by Mr. Smith in 2021.

In the second incident, which occurred in July 2021, there are allegations that Mr. Trump delayed military preparations for an attack on Iran while meeting with authors of a book concerning the former White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows. Recently, CNN managed to obtain the audio from this particular meeting.


Mr. Trump maintains that his reference to “papers” was merely a conversation and that he did not possess any sensitive documents.


Upon discovering the existence of the recording, Mr. Trump informed ABC News that it was nothing more than “bravado.” “It was bravado, to tell you the truth. Nevertheless, I did not have any of the papers I had intended to present and discuss. I did not possess any official documentation.”

The Trump campaign is receiving evidence from federal prosecutors in Florida as both sides file motions and get ready for trial. The trial was originally set to begin in August, but it will probably take place months later.

Trump claims that the indictment, which alleges that he improperly stored classified documents at his Florida estate and resisted efforts to return them to the National Archives, is an attempt to thwart his bid for the presidency in 2024.

Key Figure in Trump Campaign Identified in Indictment Over Government Documents: Report |

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