Kevin McCarthy Made To Look The Fool On CNBC

Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy tried to play the both sides game and was flustered by the CNBC host when she pushed back against his bizarre assertion that businesses shouldn’t have any opinions or points of views about politics.

During the CNBC interview Rep. McCarthy said he believes Gov. DeSantis and Disney should sit down and hash out their differences instead of going to court. McCarthy also bashed DeSantis for threatening to build a prison next to a Disney World.

But as usual, Disney was also wrong for disagreeing with DeSantis’ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.

“If you’re going to be a large employer inside this state, you should also abide by the rules,” McCarthy said. “Run your business and don’t think you should get into politics.”

CNBC host Rebecca Quick quickly disagreed since his logic was flawed.

“But what, run your business and don’t get into politics, meaning you can’t take ever a position on anything? I mean, on either side of it?” she asked.

This caused McCarthy to backpedal.

“Well, you can take whatever position you want. You can take whatever position you want,” he repeated. “But remember, if you’re elected to run a business, that’s what your shareholders want you to do.”

Who knows what McCarthy means since he has no idea what Disney shareholders want at all or who was elected to what? Does he even know that Disney paid more taxes than other corporations in Florida, or that they received no special treatment? Does he know that Disney is one of the primary tourism drivers in Florida and also one of the largest employers?

Getting caught trying to play both sides of the fence is not fun, Kevin.

If businesses and corporations shouldn’t take any sides when it comes to political issues then why have they donated over $200 million to McCarthy’s PAC?

Will Kevin refund all the donations?

Kevin McCarthy Made To Look The Fool On CNBC

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