Kentucky lawyer Donald Kyle Deskins accused of wife’s murder

Judith Dawn Deskins (obituary), Donald Kyle Deskins (Pike County Detention Center)

A Kentucky lawyer and prosecutor has been indicted for allegedly murdering his wife and tampering with evidence after the fact more than two years after she died of blunt force trauma at home.

According to the Aug. 30 indictment, 54-year-old Donald Kyle Deskins, a former assistant Pike County attorney and current City Attorney in Elkhorn City, killed 46-year-old Judith Dawn Deskins in April of 2021 “with the intent to cause her death or under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life wantonly engaged in conduct which created a grave risk of death,” and, in both the immediate aftermath and ensuing months of the murder, tampered with evidence at the scene and with evidence on his laptop.

Judith Dawn Deskins died on April 24, 2021, which is one of the dates the defendant is alleged in the indictment to have tampered with evidence. The second alleged evidence tampering offense goes back to July 28, 2021, when the defendant is accused of tampering with evidence on a laptop before handing it over to cops.

Kentucky lawyer Donald Kyle Deskins accused of wife’s murder

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