Kennedy Jr. Slams Transfer of Cluster Munitions in Ukraine Amid Administration’s War Effort |

As the administration steps up its support for the war effort in the nation, Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has criticized President Joe Biden for approving the transfer of cluster munitions in Ukraine.

The Biden administration last week confirmed that the Pentagon will send M864 155mm artillery shells, also known as Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions, in a reversal of a previous commitment to withhold such weapons.

DPICMs are made to disperse smaller explosive devices that can be used to target both people and vehicles in a specific area. Due to the potential risk posed by unexploded submunitions, which may continue to harm civilians for years after a conflict has ended, their use has long been viewed as controversial.

For the Democratic nomination, Kennedy, who is Biden’s strongest polling rival, noted that they are so lethal that more than 100 nations have signed an international treaty prohibiting their use. According to the Human Rights Watch website, 120 countries signed the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions, which forbade the use of these weapons and urged nations not to use them. This information is consistent with the organization’s findings.

He stated on Twitter that “more than a hundred countries have signed an international treaty banning cluster bombs because they are munitions so horrific for civilians.” The Biden administration is getting ready to send them to Ukraine right now.

Democrats other than Kennedy have also criticized Biden for the action. It will harm America’s “moral leadership” on the international stage, according to Rep. Barbara Lee of California, The Guardian reported.


Cluster bombs are extremely dangerous to civilians, as we are aware, said Lee. They don’t always blow up right away. Children might trip over them. We should not cross that line.

Using such weapons is “potentially a war crime,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki previously stated during a media briefing last year.

According to CNN, Biden has defended his choice, acknowledging that, despite his initial reluctance, the gravity of the situation in Ukraine had compelled him to take action.

He admitted to CNN that “it was a very difficult decision on my part.” “And by the way, I talked about this with our allies and our friends up on the Hill. There is a shortage of ammunition for the Ukrainians.

Kennedy Jr. Slams Transfer of Cluster Munitions in Ukraine Amid Administration’s War Effort |

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