KCBS-KCAL Meteorologist Faints on Live TV

KCBS-KCAL meteorologist Alissa Carlson Schwartz is recovering after fainting on live TV Saturday morning.

The Los Angeles weathercaster was about to begin her 7 a.m. report, when she suddenly became unsteady, leaned forward, and her head nearly hit the anchor desk.

Cameras in the studio continued to roll as Carlson slumped in her chair and fell to the floor.

Her co-anchors Rachel Kim and Nichelle Medina didn’t realize what was happening until they heard Carlson hit the floor.

“Oh!” a startled Kim said. Medina told viewers, “We’re going to take a quick break right now.”

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Just after 11:30 a.m., Carlson posted an update on Facebook letting concerned viewers know how she was doing.

“Thanks for all the texts, calls and well wishes. I am going to be ok!” she wrote. The post was filled with replies and kind words.

The CBS duopoly also updated viewers on Twitter, writing: “All of us at KCAL News want to thank you for your thoughts and prayers after Meteorologist Alissa Carlson fainted during our morning newscast. Alissa is now resting and recovering.”

The station added on its website that Carlson will be back on air “as soon as she’s well enough to return.”

It’s unclear what caused the weather woman to faint, but the Los Angeles Times reported she suffered a previous medical scare at work in 2014.

The weathercaster threw up during a newscast at Bakersfield, California TV station KGET-17.

The former Mrs. America competitor later said in a news report that she initially thought it was the flu, but doctors told her she had a leaky heart valve. Carlson is now an advocate for the American Heart Association.

KCBS-KCAL Meteorologist Faints on Live TV

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