Kaitlin Glover groomed and sexually abused student: Cops

Kaitlin Glover (Las Vegas Metro PD)

A former teacher at a private Christian school in Nevada is accused of propping herself up as a mentor and mother figure while grooming a female student on Snapchat and sexually abusing her for nearly four years, from December 2017 to September 2021.

Kaitlin Ann Glover, a 34-year-old who went by “MissG-lover” on Snapchat, was employed as a teacher at Mountain View Christian Schools in Las Vegas when she allegedly began in December 2017 to help the student and give her advice. According to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department declaration of warrant/summons, grooming soon followed via Snapchat, where Glover started “talking about previous relationships and sex acts.”

“[The victim] told Glover the she had never done anything sexual with anyone and Glover had replied that she would teach her how to masturbate when she turned 18,” court documents said. “Shortly after, [the victim] states that Glover began sending her nude photos through Snapchat.”

Kaitlin Glover groomed and sexually abused student: Cops

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