Just What We Needed! Tennessee’s Version Of Mike Pence

In Tennessee, there is a special election coming up to fill the seat left vacant after Representative Bill Beck passed away in June.

The GOP nominee for this contest is David “Mooven” Hooven. Hooven is taking a page from Mike Pence’s playbook, promising to never be alone with a woman:

Hooven made the pledge on his campaign website, saying that his “primary focus will be to honor God.”

“I will never be in a meeting, room or other place with a member of another sex without having another person with me,” he declared.

This Thursday, Hooven received 100 percent of the vote in the GOP primary for the vacant District 51 Tennessee House seat.

“Adultery has ruined many a man and the more power or attention, the more this attack is ready. From Presidents to janitors all are tempted. As Billy Graham was never in a scandal due to his establishing this principal, so shall I,” the pledge read.

Ol’ Mooven Hooven also promises to have other people handle all of the money he receives because money is the root of all evil. So apparently, the answer is to hire a professional money launderer?

And speaking of his campaign site, it’s is chock full of promises based on a mysterious “Bible verse.” Which verse or verses he’s referencing is never specified:

Should I have the privilege to represent the great state of Tennessee, my primary focus will be to honor God. Many do not know what this means so let me be specific. I believe;

Every person has the rights given by God to love God and his/her neighbor as him/her self. (Bible Verse)

Every person has the right to live as they choose as long as it does not infringe on others rights. (Bible Verse)

The poor, prisoner, widow and hopeless need to be protected and defended and allowed to have the opportunity to improve their position. (Bible Verse)

Those who are able to work should work. (Bible Verse)

Every person has worth and should be treated as a child of God. (Bible Verse)

No Government intervention should be allowed to stop religious expression unless there is direct harm to others. (Bible Verse)

And if there is any doubt that he is a Republican, he even included spelling errors on his campaign website, such as where he’s talking about accountability (emphasis mine)

I believe we all must be held accountable for our actions. I have been given incredible grace in many situations, however each took a toile on me and my beliefs. Accountability seems to be a thing of the past. We do not need more laws, we have thousands, if enforced most of the conflicts in America would be dealt with before they become uprisings.

What is really scary is that people like this really believe they are doing the Lord’s work while driving the nation into the ground.

Just What We Needed! Tennessee’s Version Of Mike Pence

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