Judge Chutkan: Trump’s Right To Free Speech Is ‘Not Absolute’

Donald Trump’s legal team had their first hearing in front of Judge Chutkan on Friday, focusing on the DOJ’s motion for a protective order regarding witness tampering, jury tampering and evidence related to the January 6th case. Judge Chutkan drove a very middle of the road hearing, with decisions that favored both sides, but in the end, her warnings were very strict for Donald Trump. And chances are, he will violate them by the end of the weekend.

Judge Chutkan is known for being a by-the-book, orderly and very fair judge. She started the hearing at 10am on the dot. CNN reports that she began the hearing “noting that while Trump’s rights as a criminal defendant would be protected, his First Amendment right to free speech was not absolute.” She added “In a criminal case such as this one, the defendant’s free speech is subject to the rules.”

Court comes before politics:

No politics:

Warning to Trump:

Another warning to Trump:

Mention of RELEASE conditions!:


LOL, sure Jan gif dot com:

Witness safety concerns:

DOJ wants a babysitter for Trump, Lauro does not. Judge splits the baby:

BIG warning from the judge:

If Trump keeps talking (which he will), that speaks to moving the trial up sooner:

She added: “It is a bedrock principle of the judicial process in this country that legal trials are not like elections, to be won through the use of the meeting hall, the radio and the newspaper. This case is no exception.”

Trump’s lawyer John Lauro assured the judge: “President Trump will scrupulously abide by his conditions of release.”


The special counsel wants to start the trial on January 2, 2024. Based on the speed in which the judge responded to the protective order motion, and her warnings about the need to expedite the trial if Trump keeps talking, it is a solid bet that the DOJ may get closer to the date they want.

Judge Chutkan: Trump’s Right To Free Speech Is ‘Not Absolute’

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