John Dimmig accused of Airbnb metal bat attempted murder

John Dimmig (via Palm Beach County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office).

A Florida man is facing multiple charges — including attempted murder — after allegedly barging into a vacation rental with a metal baseball bat and beating a man who he believed had been in bed with his wife.

John Dimmig, 33, is accused of assaulting a man who had reportedly invited Dimmig’s wife, Christie Barbato, back to his Airbnb rental in Lake Worth Beach. The victim, whose name was redacted from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office probable cause affidavit reviewed by Law&Crime, told investigators he was in town from Arizona working as a “travel CT Technician,” and that he and Barbato were co-workers.

The victim told investigators that “while he was in the bed with Barbato, he heard the front door of the residence open,” the affidavit says. “[He] stated that he then got up to see who it was. [The victim] stated that when he got to the living room, he saw a male running at him with a bat. [The victim] further advised that the male charged at him and pinned him to the ground and hit him three times with an aluminum bat.”

John Dimmig accused of Airbnb metal bat attempted murder

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